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The Manifesto of the Nasty Fascist Party

The goal of the Nasty Fascist Party is to grind the faces of the poor under the jackbooted heel of oppression. We know it is not a terribly fashionable goal just at the moment, so we will not be opening up any camps ( holiday or otherwise ), but rest assured, we hate just the same dreadful people that you hate. With the help of your votes we can destroy them in situ, without needing to make the trains run on time.

The key to understanding our policy is that the poor have crap jobs. That is why they are poor. Take those away and they decline into the 4 D's: destitution, despair, depression, and drugs. We will create a government department to encourage the four D's ( The D Squared Squared ). Its main role will be the creation of poverty traps to corral our enemies in sink estates without the use of overt barbed wired, thus confining them without harm to our international reputation.

But first we must take their jobs away from them. It is so simple. Since they have poorly paid jobs and we have well paid jobs, we will outlaw low paid work. Don't confuse this with New Labour's `minimum wage'. Under New Labour, the trash who cannot find real work above the minimum wage can go to one of New Labour's subsidised factories, and `earn' the minimum wage at a pretend job. Running these subsidised (work)places at vast public expense mollycoddles the very degenerates we should be aiming to eliminate. When we take power we will shut down these factories, and set about finding excuses to stop the social security benefits of those we have priced out of the job market.

When will we assume power, given that we are a tad out of step with the fashion of the moment? Do we have to wait for a swirl of wind to blow the weather cock of public opinion in our direction? No. All we have to do is call our policy The Minimum Wage. The comfortable middle classes find this a cosy name. It suggests that the relief of poverty is an administrative matter that will not cost them money. It brings back pleasant memories of Santa Claus. Does it refer to a policy of subsidised factories that guarantee the availability of work at the minimum wage, or does it refer to the opposite policy of saying that if you cannot find a well paid job, you should bugger off back to your housing scheme to shoot up and die. The booze and TV addled brains of the comfortably off are actually too feeble to distinguish between these two opposites, and lets face it, they don't really give a shit about the poor anyway. Since our opponents are morally degenerate, victory is assured.

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